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FOOTWEAR: We take care of your body from the ground up.

Footwear are the roots of Michelangelo's Foot Comfort & Pedorthic Shoppe's beginnings. The feet are the foundation of the body. At Michelangelo's our goal is to make the footwear, the orthoses and the foot all act as one.

Part of the process in providing exceptional footwear analysis and care includes measuring both feet, watching the way you walk and for diabetic patients a complete pedorthic foot exam. The most common phrase heard at Michelangelo's when a patient first comes in for a fitting is "I haven't had my feet measured since I was a child." "Do you have an x-ray machine here too?"

Footwear Types: Michelangelo's has four basic types of footwear: "Ugly," "Uglier," "Ugliest" and the most popular one is "Oh my God you want me to wear that?"

Medicare Approved Footwear: SDAC/SADMERC
Michelangelo's has in stock a wide variety of SADMERC approved footwear for people suffering from diabetes. Michelangelo's also provides qualifying custom and heat molded inserts as well as custom made shoes and boots. Michelangelo's does accept assignment on some items covered by Medicare. Proper paperwork and authorization must be complete before items are dispensed.

The PDAC (Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding) and SADMERC (Statistical Analysis Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier) conducts product reviews to determine if footwear meets the Diabetic Shoe Bill requirements for Medicare Billing Code A5500. These organizations determine qualifications based on 4 points: Removable Inserts, Leather material or equal, Closure of footwear, Availability in sizes and minimum of 3 widths.

Medicare requires us to have three (3) documents from your doctor(s) before we dispense therapeutic shoes to you for your diabetic condition.

  1. A PRESCRIPTION: This can be completed by any medical doctor or podiatrist who is familiar with the condition of your feet.Print Prescription here.

  2. STATEMENT of CERTIFYING PHYSICIAN: This can be completed by your M.D. or D.O. only. All the items on the Statement of Certifying Physician must be included in your progress notes at the M.D. or D.O.'s office. Print Statement of Certifying Physician here.

  3. COPY of YOUR PROGRESS NOTES: These must come from your M.D. or D.O. office and must include all the items marked or checked on the Statement of Certifying Physician. Some doctors are not furnishing these progress notes or the progress notes are incomplete. I am sorry, but we cannot dispense therapeutic shoes to you for your diabetic condition without the proper documentation. Medicare requires your doctor to complete the Statement and furnish a copy of your progress notes. If your doctor gives you a hard time about the progress notes, please print the CMS Letter here and take it to your doctor. Please print out "Michelangelo's Letter" and take it to your doctor, the letter explains what the doctor needs to do.
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