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What is the Roll-A-Bout?

The Patented design of the Original Roll- A-Bout is a modern solution to the "age- old" crutch. We have designed the answer to mobility on one foot. Those who have lost the ability to walk due to a lower leg injury benefit greatly from the SAFETY, STABILITY and COMFORT of the Roll- A-Bout.

Is It Easy To Use?. . .Oh, Yes!

Users of the Roll-A-Bout like how easy it is to use with its 4-wheel stability, hand and parking brake and its easy fold-flat design. Users no longer have to let their body swing by the armpits. The patient simply places the knee of the injured leg on the 2" comfortable cushion and Rolls-A-Bout! The Roll-A-Bout was designed to use the same motion and muscles you use when you are walking.

To use the Roll-A-Bout, the patient simply places the knee of the injured leg on the 2" comfortable cushion. A second 2" comfortable cushion supports the injured lower leg. The patient then places one hand on the handlebar with a finger on the bicycle type hand-brake. To move forward, simply release the brake and use your good foot to move forward. To turn, shift your weight to your good foot, just like you do when you are walking, lift the front of the Roll-A-Bout with one finger, and point it in the direction you want to go.

What Conditions Can It Help?

The Roll-A-Bout is best suited for those who have injuries below the knee. This includes heel spurs, diabetic ulcers, infections, fractures, dislocations, Charcot Foot, Ruptured tendons, sprained ankles, or where a lower leg surgical operation is necessary. Patients with amputations, arthritis, or with a neuromuscular problem may also benefit from the stability of the Roll-A-Bout.

Why Not Use Crutches Or A Walker?

Now there is another alternative to crutches and walkers. . .The Roll-A-Bout! For years doctors recommended walkers and crutches when they needed to keep their patients off the foot or leg. Crutches require patients to maintain balance, while holding their leg in a bent position, and shift their weight in a swinging motion to move forward. Sore armpits, sprained and sore wrists, and numerous falls are the end result when using crutches. With a walker, the patient is still required to hold up their own leg, but instead of swinging their body weight, the patient hops, placing stress and strain on the good foot, the hips, and the back. The Roll-A-Bout fully supports the lower leg in a bent position, guaranteeing 100% non-weight-bearing while still having full mobility and self sufficiency.

Why Not A Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is designed for patients who do not have the strength to stand on their own. It is important for patients to realize that the sooner they get out of their wheelchair, the sooner they will be on their way to recovery! Body strength deteriorates rapidly when confined to a wheelchair; with an extensive physical therapy program needed for complete rehabilitation. Cardiovascular fitness, balance, and decreased body strength are also concerns when a patient chooses a wheelchair over a Roll-A-Bout. The Roll-A-Bout allows the patient freedom as they are not relying upon the help of others. The Roll-A- Bout allows the patient the freedom to prepare their own meals, go to school and work, shop or go for a walk.

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