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Footwear Modifications

Michelangelo's can Heel You & Save Your Sole!

Michelangelo's offer a wide variety of shoe repairs and footwear modifications. Michelangelo's can do things the other repair shops can't do, won't do, forgot how to do or just never learned how to do! Some of the shoe repair and modifications available are:

  • Heel and sole repairs.
  • Dye or re-tint your shoes or sandals.
  • Heel and Sole Lifts for limb length discrepancies.
  • Rockersoles and Rockbars.
  • Metetarsal Bars.
  • Convert lace shoes into Velcro closures.
  • Flares and buttresses, with or without posts.
  • Steel Shank additions.
  • Convert your favorite shoes or sandals into GOLF shoes.
  • Complete Birkenstock refurbishing, the only thing we save are the straps, Original Footbeds only $75.00 and Soft Footbeds only $85.00, plus shipping $19.95.
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