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An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure.

Since its introduction in 1979, Heelift® Suspension Boot has become the standard for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. The Heelift Boot has an impressive history of success in a variety of facilities from acute care to long term care. DM Systems' Heelift is a clinically proven cost effective solution, especially when compared to the high cost of treating heel ulcers that might have been prevented.

Unlike a one size fits all heel protector, the Heelift is available in three sizes- Heelift Standard, Petite and Bariatric- and two foam options (smooth or convoluted), there is a Heelift for every patient.

New to the wound care family of products is Heelift® AFO, a softer, gentler solution to ankle foot orthoses. The soft foam design protects the leg, while the semi-rigid polypropylene brace provides control of the ankle's position and prevents foot drop. And just like the Heelift Suspension Boot, it offloads the heel to relieve pressure.

In addition, the Pedorthic Shoppe's family of wound care products includes the Heelift® Traction Boot, which is indicated for applying Buck's traction to help stabilize femur fractures prior to surgery, and Elbowlift® Suspension Pad, which is designed to prevent elbow pain and injury.

The Heelift name has become synonymous with heel pressure ulcer prevention.

Accept no substitute, there is only one Heelift®

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